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Ixigo.com is a search engine designed especially for travellers. The office is based at Gurgaon. Ixigo is also a mobile application, which is available on Android, Apple and Windows phone. The application provides you with suitable deals which can make your travel easy and affordable. It compares many deals and information available online regarding hotel rates and flight ticket rates and shows you the result that suits you best. try out Ixigo PromoCode for the best deals.
Rajnish Kumar (CTO) and Aloke Bajpai (CEO) are the founders of this amazing idea. Investors of this company include Micromax, SAIF Partners, and MakeMyTrip. The idea is to provide the travel savvy customers a one stop destination to clear all their queries regarding their voyage.

Making Plans with Ixigo Coupons Codes

A person is always excited when he is planning a trip for himself or for his family. This excitement is given an ignition with Ixigo.com. Ixigo is very specific with the services it provides. It will provide you with details but do not handle booking of the tickets; though it can redirect you to the direct website from which you can book tickets. Ixigo also redirects you to the original hotel website for booking of hotels. Using Ixigo offers you can avail booking at a lower rate compared to other websites.
It was introduced into the market by Le Travenues Technology Pvt. Ltd. the search engine generates revenue on ‘Pay-Per-Click’ basis. The search engine has got tie-ups with some well known airlines and popular hotels of India. They have advertisements of the same on their websites. These advertisements also help them in generating revenue.
MakeMyTrip and SAIF Partners and invested in the website with $18.5M in the year 2011 and the mobile application was made in the year 2015. Micromax has also invested in the company but the amount is not disclosed.

Ixigo is an online traveler planer & best deal for hotel, flight ticket. Customer book ticket & hotel then apply its promo code, coupons to take unbeatable discount on booking fare.

Ixigo offers –

• Trip planner- you can plan your trip using this section. It will assist you to choose a reasonable and good hotel and also assist you with the trip details. It will provide the synopsis of the city or country that will provide the details about places to visit, things to do and popular restaurants. It acts as a friend or guide when you are travelling or planning to travel.
• Flight and hotels- gives the details of the flights and hotels available and compares the deals regarding flight tickets and hotel booking online. It will assist you in choosing a flight or hotel that will suit your pocket and convenience.
• Packages- It will also give you information about the packages available online. These packages help you in making your trip affordable.
• Mobility- Ixigo also helps you after you arrive at your destination. It will provide you details about the bus routes, cabs and trains available. using Ixigo coupons you can have them at low cost

Ixigo Coupons

Ixigo coupons are an easy way to make your travel plan pocket friendly. Ixigo provides coupons that can be used in the direct websites for booking flights and hotels. Ixigo Code has to be fed in the boxes specified to avail discounts in flight and hotel booking. These coupons act as promotion for the popular flight and hotel website as well as for Ixigo.

Make you travel plan easy and affordable with Ixigo PromoCode.