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Nykaa-creates a beautiful you

Nykaa is an online portal which was founded in the year 2012 by a daring entrepreneur Falguni Nayar. It is headquartered in Mumbai. This online portal has a magnificent range of beauty products and cosmetics. The products ranges from everyday wear like lipstick, nail polish, kohl to heavy make-up products like concealers, blushers, face paints etc. it also host beauty products like night creams, BB and CC creams, body lotions etc.
Nykaa has various brands in its portal and distributes product around the country in over 900 cities. Nykaa is quite popular among ladies and it is a one stop destination for every beauty problems. There are all national and international brands in the website. Nykaa is also developed in a mobile application. You can download it from the Play Store and shop online at ease.

Nykaa coupons

Discounted coupons are available online which provides you with discounted rates on wide range of products. The Nykaa coupon code opens your avenues for shopping the product of your choice. Nykaa code contains the Nykaa promo code which is an alpha numeric character and that has to be fed in the code box to avail the discount. This discount will help you in buying the branded cosmetics at lower rates. These cosmetics may be costlier when bought from retail shops.

Nykaa is the best online shopping for women & girls garment, beauty product, jewelry, shoes and many more product. Nykaa gives you promo codes, coupons, discount & seasonable offers on its product & all brands available in website.

Nykaa’s Offers objective

Nykaa’s tagline clearly says “Your Beauty, Our Passion”. Nykaa’s only objective is making you beautiful with its widest range of products available online. . Nykaa offers wide range of discounts all over the year. Falguni Nayar, the founder of Nykaa was earlier the managing director of Kotak Mahindra Capital Company. She recognises a woman’s desire to be beautiful and thus she was awarded by FICCI Ladies Organization as the ‘Woman of the Year’. She is also among the top 25 women in business world according to Business Today.

Nykaa coupon code for reasonable price

Nykaa not only offers beauty and wellness products but also there are blogs in the website giving you health and beauty tips. These blogs can also help you with your make-up. With this blogging service Nykaa tries to give a more personal approach to its clients. Nykaa has a panel of experts including stylists, hair and skin specialists and personal care experts. You can chat online with these beauty experts. Nykaa has also introduced its own labelled products in bath and body care category in the year 2016 and all you can avail at cheap rate using Nykaa coupon code.

Nykaa partners with Femina for making the online website more audacious among the public. Femina hosts its ‘Nykaa.com Femina Beauty Awards’. This initiative is to create awareness among people about the online portal.
Nykaa is first of its kind in our country and we are at an advantageous position as Nykaa offers us with some international brands in discounted price. These brands are way more costly when bought from retail stores. Nykaa aims to make the women of our country beautiful through its personalised range of beauty products and other services. It hosts the best products in hair, makeup, fragrance and skin to choose from. Check the website or download the app to enjoy shopping these beauty products.